If you would like to learn more about how Angelo + Garnets approaches their work with clients, take a look at some of the models they developed.




Having a plan for bringing about organizational change significantly increases both the speed of change and your chances of realizing desired results. Our model outlines actions to be done in sequence as well as actions which need to be carried out consistently across all stages of your change process. These stages focus on the human-side of change (more...)






Bringing about organizational change does not happen overnight. You don’t simply operate the old way one day and then operate in a completely new way the next. The diagram gives you a way of thinking about how organizations move through states. You can see that the change begins in the lower left hand corner and continues on a diagonal trajectory up the upper right hand corner. (more...)





Change, whether it holds the promise of better conditions or potential challenges, is likely to be experienced as difficult by those individuals whose work life is about to be disrupted. We have observed six distinct phases people tend to go through in a change process, when they are given the opportunity to work through issues throughout the change process (more...)



“When we decided to launch the California Participation Project as a state initiative of Nonprofit VOTE, we knew we had a strong program of voter engagement resources to offer.  But we also knew that to be successful we needed strategic planning.  Beginning in the fall of 2009 and throughout the election cycle of 2010, Nancy Angelo and Linda Garnets gave us invaluable support in all areas -- from framing our mission and goals, delineating the scope of our work, developing our "pitch" both to nonprofits and donors, planning our outreach to nonprofit networks and foundations to creating a time line for our program and our fundraising.  Equally as important, they helped our small staff recognize our strengths, outgrow some of our weaknesses and develop as a team that could work both independently and collaboratively.  Indeed their working relationship -- the energy and synergy they bring along with their intelligence, their experience, their warmth and their wisdom -- provide a model to emulate.  As we grow, we know we will turn again to Nancy and Linda for counsel and encouragement."

—Sarah Pillsbury, Project Partner, California Participation Project