“Working with Linda and Nancy has been the major turning point in assessing and intervening in a significant way to improve the work environment in our hospital. Their ability to connect with leadership and staff has been instrumental in getting all concerns raised and attended to. Their expertise, working styles, and compassion for all have truly helped us begin to heal a very challenging situation.”
—Amy Tobin, BSN, MHROD, Chief Nursing Officer of Kaiser Permanente, Fresno Medical Center


“Anyone who's trying to bring about strategic change in their organization should consider having Angelo and Garnets by their side. I don't think I could have done it without them. They helped me understand the complexities of my organization and examine my own leadership as we went through the change process. Nancy brought so many insights into organizational structure and culture, and Linda was always filled with gems that helped me understand myself better. They're quite a dynamic duo!”
—Michael Zeldin, Ph.D. Professor of Jewish Education and Director, Rhea Hirsch School of Education, Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion


“When we decided to launch the California Participation Project as a state initiative of Nonprofit VOTE, we knew we had a strong program of voter engagement resources to offer. But we also knew that to be successful we needed strategic planning. Beginning in the fall of 2009 and throughout the election cycle of 2010, Nancy Angelo and Linda Garnets gave us invaluable support in all areas -- from framing our mission and goals, delineating the scope of our work, developing our "pitch" both to nonprofits and donors, planning our outreach to nonprofit networks and foundations to creating a time line for our program and our fundraising. Equally as important, they helped our small staff recognize our strengths, outgrow some of our weaknesses and develop as a team that could work both independently and collaboratively. Indeed their working relationship -- the energy and synergy they bring along with their intelligence, their experience, their warmth and their wisdom -- provide a model to emulate. As we grow, we know we will turn again to Nancy and Linda for counsel and encouragement."
—Sarah Pillsbury, Project Partner, California Participation Project


"Linda and Nancy have been extraordinary catalysts for change in information technology at Harvey Mudd College. They are marvelously sensitive listeners who quickly acquired a deep understanding of our organizational dynamics. They then provided indispensable help with developing a change plan that has motivated and engaged staff at every level. Once the plan was developed, Linda and Nancy were an indispensable resource at all levels: from working with individual managers to helping the whole staff develop new ways of thinking about their work. They worked with us to gather valid user feedback and are helping us to develop a new service strategy that is tuned to our campus needs"
—Joseph Vaughan, Chief Information Officer, Harvey Mudd College


“Effective group process and committed shared decision-making are hallmarks of a robust and productive organization. Linda and Nancy helped us take a young, energetic, and highly productive organization to the next level in management and organizational structure. We developed processes and support to help talented individuals extend their technical expertise with insights and new skills so that they could become more effective leaders and more knowledgeable managers. We developed communication skills and processes to ensure that our organization would continue to function as a healthy collective focused on fulfilling the needs of our faculty and students. It has been a pleasure to work with Linda and Nancy. We regard them as one of us. I wish we could work with them every day!”
—R Bruce Miller, University Librarian of the University of California, Merced Library (Retired)


“Leading an organization can be isolating unless you have objective and supportive guidance from colleagues you trust. Working with Angelo and Garnets provided me that boost of trusted guidance and partnership. My goal was to create an organizational vision and establish my leadership style. Thanks to Angelo and Garnets, I didn't just step into leadership with a vision, I stepped in with gusto. They listen, they ask articulate questions, and they let you come up with articulate solutions. I wish I could partner with them on every big initiative!”
—Annelie Rugg, Ph.D.Director and Humanities CIO of the UCLA Center for Digital Humanities


“Nancy Angelo and Linda Garnets facilitated a retreat for the City of West Hollywood’s Lesbian and Gay Advisory Board, which had, over time, become divided and fractious, and which was in need of unity and healing. Their meticulous preparation – lengthy pre-Retreat phone interviews with the participants to determine the important issues and conflicts, followed by a conference call with us to discuss the results and the retreat’s structure – combined with their empathy and skill during the event to create an experience which many of the people involved described as amazing. Human nature being what it is, only time will tell whether the good will generated during the retreat will last – but Linda Garnets and Nancy Angelo provided the tools and the atmosphere for a transformative experience.
—Ivy Bottini and Dan Berkowitz, Co-Chairs, Lesbian and Gay Advisory Board of the City of West Hollywood, CA


“When we asked Linda and Nancy to help us chart the future course of UC Merced Library, they helped us recognize what is working well in our organization, uncovered areas where we could improve, and proposed practical ways to make improvements. Working with Linda and Nancy has been the start of a great journey that I hope will continue for many years to come.”
—Donald Barclay, Interim University Librarian of the University of California, Merced Library


“The team of Nancy Angelo and Linda Garnets bring tremendous experience and expertise that will improve your organization. They are imaginative and insightful, fostering and guiding profound and important discussions that lead to more trust, openness and energy in your workplace. Nancy and Linda work very well together and not only provide you with guidance, but with actual tools to implement the change you would like to see. Nancy and Linda’s work was outstanding and helped the organization assess itself and create a plan for improvement at a critical turning point in its life.
—Ralph Lewin, President and CEO, California Council for the Humanities


“My work as a project manager often requires the sound advice of an objective thought partner. Nancy’s ability to grasp concepts, synthesize key issues, and offer clear direction is the best I have experienced. She has a compassionate understanding of the workplace and sees the whole individual within the process. She gets to the heart of an issue through careful and thoughtful questioning. Her deep knowledge of conflict resolution and building sustainable solutions is instrumental in completing projects. I look forward to working with her again.”
—Carolyn Shaw, Manager of Education, Training, and Communication, Clinical Information Systems, UC Davis Health Systems


“Linda Garnets guided the University of Houston Libraries through some very difficult and complex organizational issues. Her professionalism, expertise, and sensitivity to all staff concerns were outstanding and yielded results far beyond our expectations.”
—Dana C. Rooks, Dean of Libraries, University of Houston Libraries


“Nancy mentored me in change management on a large-scale technology implementation project. She helped me take concepts I had learned in a classroom and apply them to Kaiser physicians’ and staff members’ real-life experience. She believed in my ability and helped me develop into a productive change agent. Nancy’s effective transfer of capacity was instrumental in rolling out a practical change management program that is now considered ‘best practice’ in all of Kaiser Permanente. I would never have been able to accomplish this work without her input, support, patience, and incredible knowledge.”
—Victor Maiki, Change Management Leader, KP Health Connect, Kaiser Permanente, Northern California Region


Dr. Linda Garnets was fantastic…She designed a process that fit with the traditions of strategic planning, and yet was tailored to our particular needs and the communities in which we work. Through this process, the Institute for Judaism and Sexual Orientation (IJSO) was able to engage people who had never been involved with the IJSO before; it was able to engage key leaders in diverse communities as well as leaders from our parent organization, Hebrew Union College-JIR and our denomination, the Union for Reform Judaism. Dr. Garnets helped us to think through the implications of our findings and helped develop our plan for the future. I would highly recommend her for your organizational needs.
—Joel L. Kushner, Psy.D. Director, Institute for Judaism and Sexual Orientation, Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion.


“Dr. Angelo is easily one of the brightest and most engaging people I have worked with. She is insightful, talented, and courageous.”
—Ronald Sharrin, Ph.D., Director, “The Dynamics of Groups and Organizations” Experiential Learning Conferences, Residency Education, UCLA Medical School, Department of Psychiatry


“Linda Garnets piloted a coaching initiative among our MBA student teams that formed the basis for an on-going institutional commitment to offering coaching to all 200 student teams across MBA programs at UCLA Anderson School of Management. We owe the strength of our program to Linda’s creativity, training and skill.”
—Sara Tucker, Director, Coaching and Team Skills, UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management


There are organizational consultants, and then there is Angelo+Garnets! The combined expertise that Nancy Angelo and Linda Garnets bring to strategic planning, organizational development, technology integration and change management is exceptional. Our organization would not have been able to navigate a name change and brand integration, a huge agency transition without their skills, sensitivity and knowledge about how people and organizations function. Angelo_Garnets trained our organization to think strategically and to manage change holistically. We would not have been successful without their wisdom and guidance."

--Patti Giggins, Exectutive Director, Peace Over Violence (formerly Los Angeles Commission on Assaults Against Women)