Change and transition is predictable but it is not orderly. The path from Point A to Point B — or to Point Q or Z — may be clear and the challenges quantifiable but the twists and turns arenít visible until you are engaged in the process.

Linda Garnets and Nancy Angelo have developed an integrated and fluid process — reflective of their decades of practical experience — to help their clients navigate change.

When the inevitable surprises spring up, they are right by your side, suggesting and implementing ideas that keep your organization moving forward.

“Working with Linda and Nancy has been the major turning point in assessing and intervening in a significant way to improve the work environment in our hospital. Their ability to connect with leadership and staff has been instrumental in getting all concerns raised and attended to. Their expertise, working styles, and compassion for all have truly helped us begin to heal a very challenging situation.”
—Amy Tobin, BSN, MHROD, Chief Nursing Officer of Kaiser Permanente, Fresno Medical Center